Video Production


It’s no secret that video has become king of the internet. In fact, statistics indicate that the web will be 82% video by 2021. That’s not something any business should take lightly. This year, Wyzowl Statistics revealed that 61% of businesses are already using video marketing content. More interestingly, 66% of these companies only started using video within the past year. Video is more than just a trend. It’s the future of advertising; and a tool all business throughout Ann Arbor, Michigan, should be hopping onto. Are videos incorporated into your business’ marketing strategy?

How does video production work?

We’re ready to be your partner throughout the entire creative process. Our specialty is in brand marketing and doing so much more than just pushing the big red button. We’ll help craft your story every step of the way; from the campaign strategy to the marketing roll-out and beyond. A vibrant combination of advertising-agency level creative and production house quality is our magic recipe.

The main mission is to maximize your reach, and leave an unforgettable impact in the minds of the people that matter…for the reasons that matter. Who is meant to see your video once it hits the web? Where does it go? These are vital questions that we will work with you to answer. At the end of the day, there’s a big difference between people viewing your video, and the right people viewing.

Video has been proven to boost sales by up to 80%.
This builds trust with your audience.
Video brings impressive ROI, according to 76% of businesses.
Google loves video, sending it higher in search results.

Why Nice Shirt?

So, what kind of videos can we assist with? Good question; but the answer isn’t black and white. We pride ourselves on flexibility. Need a webisode? Corporate training video? Documentary? Commercial? Music Video? Short Film? Explainer Video? You name it, we’ll make it come to life.

What sets Nice Shirt Media apart is the passion we inject into every project. We’re fast, without compromising the delivery. High-quality, without the high price tag. We’ll talk about your budget and work with you to guarantee an outcome that aligns with your vision.

Let’s get to work.

Interested? Give us a call at +1 (734) 926-9219 or drop us a line here! Let’s work together to make a killer video that gets your audience talking, buying, and loving your business.