Television Commercials


The more time goes on, the more technology evolves. The digital era has brought with it the internet, and in turn, online video. However, no matter how much tech progresses, there is one thing that still wears the crown. Television!

While millions of people globally are embracing a more digital way of life, hundreds of millions of people still pick up that traditional remote every single day. Have you ever wondered who creates those ads? Why are the bad ones so bad, and why are the good ones, well, just so good?

What makes a good TV commercial?

It comes down to the production company. If you’re considering purchasing airtime for your business, there’s nothing more important than planning. Turning to any Tom, Dick or Harry won’t work. Here at Nice Shirt Media, we have a deep-seated understanding of the intricacies involved with producing broadcast-ready content for our valued clients in Ypsilanti, Michigan. It’s not in the same ballpark as online video; a place where mistakes are far more forgivable. After all, you could always just delete and re-upload.

Not with television. Your delivery to a broadcaster needs to be flawless. You’ll require very specific equipment (visual and audio). Graphics need to be professionally produced, and sound needs to be consistent, detailed, and carefully mixed. However, broadcast quality doesn’t just refer to the technical stuff. The research and pre-production phase is just as important. You’ll need a narrative that people will be happy to sit through. A masterpiece that catches countless households’ attention – be it serious, funny, or seriously funny.

What makes us different?

Different broadcasters have different guidelines which need to be followed to a T. We’ll work with you to clarify all the nitty gritty details, turning our top-notch equipment and cutting-edge software into your peace of mind. The result is a high-quality, compelling television commercial that you can take straight to the broadcaster – without any hiccups.

You don’t even need to understand what you’re delivering; just that it meets every rule and regulation put into place by your broadcaster of choice. We know how to keep things native, avoid mixed media on the same timeline, center-cut safe HD, use broadcast legal Chroma, eliminate audio peaks and more. If you’ve turned to a video production company who doesn’t know what any of these terms mean, it’s time to put your Nice Shirt on.

Tips to live by.

We’re home to a full-blown in-house team ready to work together to breathe life into your TV commercial. Here are some tips we live by:

  • Represent your brand both visually and audibly.
  • Create a storyline that no one can forget.
  • Develop a distinct theme.
  • Most importantly, we’ll keep it simple.


Most people watch commercials while half-immersed in another activity; such as making dinner. Together, we can make a commercial that entices even the busiest of viewers; increasing your chances of turning ordinary people into customers.

Let’s get to work.

We pride ourselves on crafting engaging content that flawlessly aligns with your vision – and broadcast standards. Call +1 (734) 926-9219, or pop us a message. Trust us – your TV commercial has never looked this good.