Creative Strategy


As the saying goes: a goal without a plan is just a wish. Never underestimate the power of creativity in your marketing strategy; especially if you’re about to get a video made. Unlike most video production companies, we’re uniquely able to offer an entire creative strategy, along with a killer video delivery. When did you last pursue a creative strategy, and how did the results look?

What is Creative Strategy?

So, what exactly is a creative strategy? Simple. This is the process of coming up with ideas and processes to market your product or service. However, not all creative strategies are created equal. The one you adhere to will determine who you are as a brand, and why your customers should choose you over your competitors. Many companies are afraid to take risks, and that’s why they never progress. Creative risk leads to breakthroughs, which leads to the exposure you deserve.

Creative Strategy lays the foundations for growth; comprising 3 simple steps. Research, creativity, and planning. We work with each of our valued clients; listening to your needs and breathing life into a narrative that flawlessly complements your vision. A narrative that nails the mission on the head, reaches your audience and is designed for a video that ticks all the boxes and meets all the goals.

How does it work?

Think of a creative strategy as a roadmap. Sure, solutions are a great starting point. But how can you reach that solution if you don’t have the right tools to pave the road forward? Creative Strategists scrutinize all possible routes, working hard to identify the most effective way to get from A to B…without having to endure the entire alphabet.

We begin by gaining clarity over your needs and goals, asking the right questions for all the right reasons. There are various other vital factors we consider too; such as mistakes other companies have made and how you can learn from them. We also do our homework daily; aligning our strategies with evolving global trends. What is your competition up to? What new technology is emerging?

We want to be your partner; working by your side throughout the entire creative process. From crafting the story to unraveling the messaging, communication points and more – we’ll be there. It’s all about maximizing your reach and making an impact.

Let’s get to work.

Go ahead – give us a call at +1 (734) 926-9219 or pop us a message. We’d love to chat over a coffee. There’s a reason Nice Shirt Media is trusted by so many companies and businessmen and women throughout Metro Detroit. Get in touch today to find out why.