Branded Content


Have you noticed that some of the best, most award-winning commercials and short films in history have seemingly little or nothing to do with the product? It’s a clever tactic, and it works for a reason. We live in an age where people are becoming less gullible, and more annoyed with clichéd advertising.

This is “Branded Content”; perfect for the more ambitious businessmen and women out there. Perhaps you want to create something different, like a short film or narrative style film that delivers a powerful message to your audience. What the world loves in this day and age is emotion.

How does Branded Content help me?

Let’s say you sell chips but are tired of the “Hey, do you like chips?” type of ad. How about creating a 3-minute short film on a poor boy who starts with nothing, and creates his own global business? The business could be a chip business, but this would only be hinted at the end. The story itself is not directly related to your product – and that’s the beauty of it. It’s storytelling but promotes the hell out of your product without your audience even realizing it.

We’re talking about a story that you can’t take your eyes or ears off. It’s incredibly well-produced and makes the audience feel like they’re watching a film at the theater, not a commercial on their sofa, or an ad they want to skip on YouTube.

In the words of Mike Clear of Digitas: “People don’t like being sold to. It’s a discomforting experience, so the challenge for content marketers is to make sure the entertainment value of the content outweighs the discomfort”. Wise words, Mike.

Did you know?

64% of people say shared values are the main reasons for their relationship with any brand.

54% of people don’t trust brands; making Branded Content the perfect introduction.

45% of a brand’s image is what it says, and how it says it.

48% of consumers say that their first purchase is the most vital time for a brand to gain their loyalty.

Why Nice Shirt?

We don’t just wear nice shirts. We’re home to the professional tools, equipment, and knowledge needed to create Branded Content for your business – designed to blow your audience away and send sales skyrocketing. From conceptualizing to unearthing the story, shooting, post-production, roll-out and beyond, we’ll be there every step of the way.

We understand what it takes to tell a compelling story that adds value to people’s lives. The best part? It’s really fun to do. It allows businesses to step out of their comfort zone and try something new; a proven solution to generate more revenue and impress more customers. It’s a very clever part of any marketing strategy; enabling you to connect with your audience in a unique, engaging way.

Let’s get to work.

We pride ourselves on creating Branded Content that uses all of the above statistics to your advantage. Our production quality is high, minus the high price tag. Call +1 (734) 926-9219, or pop us a message. Superior Branded Content is just a phone call away.